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Big Fireworks

Now Available

at the AVI Smoke Shop


The Fort Mojave Indian Reservation is located along the Colorado River in the vicinity of Needles, California. The Reservation covers nearly 42,000 acres in the tri-state area of Arizona, California, and Nevada.

The Avi Smoke Shop and Firework Store is located in Laughlin, Nevada. Fireworks are sold year around. We have the largest designated shooting area in the state located on just minutes from our store.

We are excited to offer Big Fireworks for 2019. Big Fireworks is the fastest growing fireworks brand in the country and is a leader in the industry. Big Fireworks products are high quality and performing items. Avi fireworks will offer a wide range of items, 60gm artillery shells, 500gm and 200gm repeaters and many more.

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